Jimmy Taylor has a large and growing database of candidates for sales reps and sales managers based in the Atlanta area market including other markets in Georgia outside of Atlanta.

 In addition, Birmingham, AL is a growing market for sales candidates. Jimmy Taylor is a member of First Interview, a nationwide network of medical sales recruiters. We value our Recruiting partners as splits are a significant part of our growth. Jimmy Taylor will personally speak to each candidate that you have interest in and will provide quality and follow up as necessary. We recognize communication between recruiting partners is essential to a successful split being accomplished.

Medical Staffing

Manage spikes in recruitment volumes or urgent needs in key specialties, now with flexible options. 

You Want Results.
You've come to the right place. demonstrates value to your organization’s physician recruitment initiatives, using a proven process. 


Leverage Experience

The majority of our recruiters have more than 15 years in health care recruitment. Our extensive national search experience delivers your organization a competitive advantage to recruit and retain the best possible physician talent available.

Generate Candidates

In less than 24 hours of sourcing, our advanced interactive marketing campaigns produce physician candidate response. Candidates are screened for fit both professionally and personally, educated on the practice opportunity and staffing process, and presented for your review.

Fill Opportunities

Within 30 days of sourcing and marketing the practice opportunity, on average, we present qualified candidates. Our consultants work as your partner to facilitate the hire and help both parties enter into the best possible relationship.


Recruiter Training

Build your recruitment office capabilities and staff using the same team responsible for hiring and training dozens of high-performing recruiters.

Identify Rising Recruitment Stars

Whether you are seeking a Director of Recruitment, Staff Physician Recruiter or fully-staffed recruitment office, we can deliver staff development services that meet your anticipated volume and organizational needs:

  • Recommended Staffing Structure
  • Fully Developed Job Descriptions
  • Recruiter Compensation Structure and Benchmarks
  • Sourcing, Referencing, Screening and Profiling Candidate
  • Assistance in Negotiation and Hiring